The First Dimension Hypothesis

    Our Scientific Community accepts the Hypothesis that a “Singularity” was the source of Creation. This line of thought began when it was discovered that the galaxies have been moving away from a common point at great speed, as if in an explosion, for approximately 13.77 billion years. They affectionately call it "The Big Bang." That fact has never been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    If a “Singularity” were not the source of the Energy used to create this Universe, what else could offer a logical explanation for the huge amount of Energy necessary to create the Trillion or so galaxies that are believed to exist in it?

    There is one possibility that absolutely begs for our attention. “The First Dimension is the Source of Creation.”

    If this entire Creation, this “Reality,” was constructed from Infinite Possibilities, Knowledge, and Energy, all held within the First Dimension and suddenly released from a single point as Photons at Light Speed or faster, would that offer a more complete explanation of this creation… this Reality?

   My considering the First Dimension as the source of this Creation released me from the concept of a “Singularity” where one small point created “All of this in a Big Bang.” What it allowed for was an entire Infinite Dimension consisting of all Possibilities, Knowledge, and Energy injecting a massive amount of its contents into the Fourth Dimension.  The injected material seemed to possess the Knowledge necessary to create the known Universe.

   If the First Dimension were Infinite in size it would be capable of holding an infinite number of distinct Possibilities, the Information necessary to create them, and the Energy necessary to construct and power them. Some of its contents might be without shape, or mass, while some may be one-dimensional strings or points of energy. I will leave that point open to further scientific exploration.

   Another idea formed in my mind. Awareness and thought had to be included in this model. Once I included awareness and thought, it all began making sense. The nature of “Reality,” with all the beauty of a Lotus, unfolded in my mind.

  • Energy has no definable shape.

  • Possibilities have no definable shape.

  • Knowledge has no definable shape.

  • Awareness and Thoughts have no definable shape.


    It would be theoretically possible for all of these things to be held in the First Dimension. Their sudden appearance into the center of our new Universe would point toward an unexplored possibility as the location of all the other Dimensions.

   The most efficient positioning of the Dimensions would be for them to all share the same space simultaneously, nested together with all the other dimensions, something like Russian Matryoshka dolls. This configuration would help explain the “Spooky” behavior of quantum particles as well as the continuous resupply of Energy and Matter for this “Reality, this Universe.”

   If the dimensions are that close to one another, why can’t we easily detect them? I thought of Tesla and Einstein. Both men believed, “It’s all vibration and frequency.” It would be logical to assume the different Dimensions, and everything within them, occupy the same space but vibrate at different frequencies and are therefore not observable from other dimensions.

   If the Big Bang released a massive amount of Energy from the First Dimension, how did that Energy form the Matter our Fourth Dimension would contain and keep that Matter in the Fourth Dimension? Atoms formed within the Fourth Dimension would need to have a means of “Identifying” themselves as belonging to the Fourth Dimension. A specific subatomic particle could serve as the device that “Locks” Matter within the dimension. The Higgs Boson seems to be the best candidate for positioning Energy and Matter into the Fourth Dimension because it is active in the formation of Matter.

   I began to see this new model clearly in my mind. It appeared logical. I know this is a great leap, but once you make it you find logical solutions to many of the problems understanding quantum mechanics as well as the other mysteries of physics that surround our creation. I suspect mathematics and observation will confirm this.

   Accepting the following assumptions offers a logical explanation of how massive amounts of energy could be provided on such a large scale. It also offers a logical explanation of the strange behavior of quantum particles. I believe the key to developing the “Theory of Everything” is held within these assumptions.

  • The First Dimension is infinite. It is filled with shapeless, or one-dimensional, phenomena and is devoid of mass.


  • The First Dimension contains Infinite Possibilities, the Knowledge to create them, and the Energy to make it so (same as our theoretical creation singularity).


  • The First Dimension creates and maintains all other dimensions. The other dimensions are different manifestations of the First Dimension and as such, infinite themselves. (Think of the relationship between Energy and Matter)


  • What scientists view as the Creation Singularity, a one-dimensional phenomenon, was a doorway from the First Dimension to the Fourth Dimension. It was not destroyed in the Big Bang.


  • The Creation event moved the Possibilities, Knowledge, and Energy, necessary to create the “Heavenly Bodies” of this “Reality” from the First Dimension into the Fourth Dimension. It's logical that the Knowledge necessary to construct the new Universe came along with the Energy needed to do so.


  • Energy is infinite but is not definable while in the First Dimension. Energy has no mass while it is in the First Dimension. Energy assumes form and/or mass when it becomes Matter in other dimensions.


  • Energy takes on an “Identity,” photon, string, boson & other quantum particles, when it enters our dimension where most of its variations acquire mass.


  • Energy released when matter is “Destroyed,” or Energy without a purpose, returns to the First Dimension. Energy flows out from the First Dimension when it is needed and returns to the First Dimension when it is no longer needed.


  • All energy needs of objects within the Fourth Dimension are still being filled from the First Dimension. All things are formed and powered by energy from the First Dimension.


  • The Creation Event, in this reality, consisted of two waves. The first wave was the formation of the “Physical Universe.” The second wave began with the creation of “Life”, which allowed for Third-Party involvement of all possibilities moved to the Fourth Dimension.


  • The second wave came slowly and is still occurring. It is an on-going process responsible for all scientific, technological, social, and artistic, advancements. It affects all of us today.


  • All “Creative insights” are part of the progression of Possibilities emanating from the First Dimension to this Reality and the other dimensions.


   When you accept these assumptions, it is easy to understand Energy from the First Dimension adhering to the various Physical laws of the Fourth Dimension, acquiring shape, function, and mass, as it moves to one dimension or another.

   When Energy forms Matter in the Fourth Dimension, it creates a location particle, probably a Higgs Boson, that identifies the Matter being formed as “Belonging” to the Fourth Dimension. Because everything in the Fourth Dimension is made from vibrating strings or bundles of Energy, logic says, that particle will vibrate at a specific, identifiable, frequency, an “Identifier.”

Patrick M McCormick

    My complete explanation of how I came to realize the First Dimension was responsible for all of Creation is written into "Beyond the Veil of Illusions." I have posted two segments on this website... "Revelations" and "The First Key." You must become a member to read them.