The Challenge

July 7, 2021, Sarasota, Florida


​   I predict that the men and women of our scientific community will soon prove the First Dimension to be the source of the Energy that created this "Reality", this Universe, and all Life within it... not a subatomic Singularity. Furthermore, I predict that the Higgs, or other, Boson will be proven to be the subatomic particle that instructs Energy to create Matter and locate that Matter in the Fourth Dimension... our dimension.


​Patrick M McCormick

The Scientific Community of This Earth

Prove the First Dimension is Not the Source of Creation

    I have written my First Dimension Hypothesis and have sent notice of it to different Research Physicists at many Colleges and Universities. It is also posted on this website. It is available to read without becoming a member.  I have also sent the following Press Release to Student Newspapers and the AP.

   I’m not trying to teach the world a new religion. I have no desire to cast aspersions on any of the old ones. To my great surprise, I was blessed with some meditative visions of the mechanical workings of this “Reality,” its relationship to all living things within it, and a glimpse of a possible better future. I simply wish to tell the people of the world what I saw and how, when it proves true, it relates to them.


   I’m not a trained physicist and do not speak the language of the scientific community. I do not hold a college degree in any scientific field. Because of those things, those scientists refuse to consider what was revealed to me as having any validity.


   Still, I believe the things I have seen have the power to alter the Reality of the entire human race for the better. Right now, they are only a handful of visions that entered my mind after meditation… while I was still in a receptive state.


   With a little help, I can share them with everyone. In order for that to happen, I must convince most of you that my revelations are real… that their source is real. But I am just an old man without a proper Spiritual or Scientific Pedigree. History tells me I need something spectacular to convince you of their authenticity.


   What I propose is a test. Within the First chapter of my new book, I announce a major scientific breakthrough. I call it “The First Dimension, Source of Creation” hypothesis or simply, the “First Dimension Hypothesis.” Because I had the revelation in December 2020 AD, I also refer to it as “The Christmas Prophesy.” I posted it in several internet locations to establish the date of my first writing of it. I have also challenged various professors of Physics to prove or disprove it. When the Christmas Prophesy is proven to be true, the people of this entire world will be forced to believe me.


   If I am wrong, the laughter will drown out anything further I might say to you. But if I am right… think of the amazing things we could do together…