Mission Statement

What is The Fraternal Order of Observers?

“The Fraternal Order of Observers” is an organization in the planning stage. Currently, I do not have enough members to make it a functioning reality. But it is my Dream!


Who Would Want to Be a Member?

Members of “The Fraternal Order of Observers” will be serious seekers of spiritual knowledge. They are fully awakened individuals that contemplate Reality with the awareness of spiritual being instead of looking at it through the eyes of a physical being.


What is the purpose of the Order?

1st… Our purpose is to advance the quality of life of other members while we explore our individual spirituality.

2nd… We will always strive to improve conditions for all Souls in the early phases of “The Awakening.”


What can a small group of people expect to accomplish?

“If one person drops a single grain of sand on the side of a mountain at exactly the right place and time, a massive avalanche will occur.” If one of us can cause something like that to happen, think of what two of us could do… three of us… one hundred? The force of many applied in one area at the same time can work miracles on the Physical Plane.


All that is needed is the desire… and a plan. I have a plan, that in time, will change the face of the planet Earth. Who among you has the desire to change the way things are make them what they should be?



If I’m talking about you… join us! We need the help.


Patrick M McCormick