Authors Note

   Publishing this information has been difficult for me. Not only has it created a business dilemma, it has created a moral dilemma as well.


   I believe the things I have learned have the power to alter the Reality of the entire human race, for better or for worse. It is my intention to alter them for the better.


   Right now, they are only a handful of visions that entered my mind in my meditative dreams. With a little help, they can become real. In order for that to happen, I must convince most of you that my revelations are real… that their source is real. But I am just an old man without a proper Spiritual or Scientific Pedigree, History tells me I need something spectacular to convince you of their authenticity.


   What I propose is a test. Within the First chapter (The First Key) I announce a major scientific breakthrough. I posted it as a new hypothesis which may be easily proven or dis-proven by our men and women of science.


   That information was revealed to me, as was the rest of the information in this book… during or just after meditation. If I am wrong, the laughter will drown out anything further I might say to you. But if I am right… think of the amazing things we could do together…







The Creation Event


   Imagine we are near the intersection where all possible things connect. We are observing an infinite one-dimensional phenomenon containing everything necessary to create a new “Reality” and the Universe it will contain. Nothing else exists.


   Suddenly, in a blinding flash, a point of light forms in front of us and rapidly expands. The Creation Event is underway. Scientists refer to this moment as the “Big Bang.”


   Our greatest scientific minds tell us, “This entire creation is formed from minute vibrating strings, or bundles, of energy.” They also tell us that “Energy is infinite but has no mass.”


   Scientists estimate the age of our Universe to be around sixteen Billion years and its diameter to be ninety-three billion light years. If that is so, part of its initial expansion greatly exceeded the speed of light or the speed of light was not constant during the initial expansion of the creation event.


   It is not my intention to argue the size of the Universe or disprove scientific discoveries. My point is, that to us, the Universe is simply one enormous bundle of mysteries.


   In my lifetime, scientists have changed their minds, about its size, its age, whether stars are accelerating or decelerating, and its various possible endings, many times. As they are on a path of continuous exploration, future discoveries insure that they will change their minds again… and again.


   What I accept is this, “At the moment just before the Bang, this Reality and this Universe did not yet exist. They, and all of the things they contain, were possibilities locked inside of that one-dimensional phenomenon.” I believe the creation event tells the story of how Energy and Knowledge combined and formed the Possibilities contained in this “Reality.”


   To scientists and spiritualists alike, everything is created from energy. A discussion of it is a logical place for us to launch our journey together.


   It takes an enormous amount of energy to make a single atom of matter. To recreate our universe would take an unimaginable amount of it. I want to help you create a mental image of the sheer power necessary for the creation of all the stars and planets. It is an image you should carry with you… always.


   Compared to you and me, to our physical bodies, the universe seems incredibly, unimaginably, large. Not only does it contain trillions of stars, it may also contain trillions of galaxies.


   If we could travel at the speed of light, it would take ninety-three Billion years for us to go from one side to another. Yet we, a small group of frail creatures somewhere on an unimportant arm of an average spiral galaxy, seem to possess the ability to solve any problem… eventually. Learning how to travel from one side of the universe to another is simply one of them. After all, there is a possibility the growth of the universe itself happened faster than the speed of light. In that case, we could learn how that occurred and travel faster than light ourselves. Our scientific community seems to be leading us in that direction.


   There is another problem that we are struggling with right now. Simply understanding the problem, without having a solution for it, will change the way you perceive life, and reality. I speak of the mystery surrounding the formation and nature of matter.


   At the turn of the last century a small, but brilliant, man gave us the tools to understand the problem. Albert Einstein determined that matter and energy cannot be destroyed, but energy can become matter and matter can become energy. He proved it with his “Mass-Energy Equivalence Formula, E = mc2.”


   About the same time, Einstein also developed the “Theory of Relativity”, which says… “Matter causes space-time to curve… and space-time forces matter to move”. Both theories are relevant to the following discussion.


   (For you nonscientific readers, Einstein believed, because of their identical effects on matter, space-time and gravity are the same phenomenon. Space-time is necessary for this “Reality” and all life in it to exist.)


​   This reality, our universe, and the biological “Life” it contains, are formed from energy. All the stars… their accompanying planets… light… heat… you and me… the family dog… exist as they are because of space-time. Space-time is the underlying four-dimensional fabric of this creation. It holds it all together.


​​   Albert Einstein proved both of his now famous theories about one hundred years ago. Nuclear reactors and atomic bombs are examples of Einstein’s “Mass-Energy Equivalence Formula” at work. Our ability to travel to the other planets of our solar system is made possible, in part, because of our understanding of the “Theory of Relativity.”


​   In this modern world of ours, scientists can measure energy, predict its output, and modify its behavior. Engineers can put energy to work, our tools and our toys are examples of their expertise. We use energy daily… in virtually every facet of our lives. Energy is the “Power” that creates and animates this Reality.


​   Our modern scientists admit they do not know exactly what Energy is. Many of them just brush it off, calling it an “Abstraction.” It is just something they do not fully understand. What they do understand is it is an abstraction that can create or destroy cities, planets, entire star systems, and more.


   The United States used about fourteen pounds of plutonium to make the atomic bomb that was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki. The bomb’s plutonium core was about four inches in diameter.


​   For the air crew that dropped the bomb, the blast was immense. The entire city was levelled in a smoldering, Biblical style, devastation.


​   The explosion only used a small percentage of the plutonium, but for the purpose of the following exercise, let us say that the reverse of this would also be true and we could take all the energy released from the Nagasaki bomb and transform it into a plutonium sphere of equal size.


​​   Visualize yourself standing on a hillside overlooking the city of Nagasaki. You are holding a baseball sized sphere of plutonium in your right hand.


   A blinding flash leaves your mouth agape as the bomb’s immense fireball consumes the city and forms a rapidly rising mushroom cloud. Looking at the cloud that rises over the burning city, you can understand just how much energy it would take to create another plutonium sphere. It is a mind-bending amount.


​   Now, try to visualize the amount of energy you would need to recreate the planet Earth, the planet Jupiter, or our Sun. Allow the gradually increasing size of the examples to fill your mind.


​   Scientists estimate the weight of the planet Earth to be approximately 13.2 Septillion pounds (24 zeros). It would require a staggering amount of Energy to recreate the planet Earth. (The number would be 13.2 Septillion pounds times the Speed of Light squared.)


​   1,300 planet Earths could fit inside of the planet Jupiter. Imagine the Nagasaki blast and think of the energy required to create Jupiter.


   Are you starting to feel small? This is just the beginning.


   1.3 million Earths would fit inside of our Sun. Think of the amount of energy required to create our Sun. Releasing it all at once would cause a truly monstrous explosion… a Stellar Nova.


​   In this “Reality” of ours, size is meaningless. The word “Immense”, is relative to what and where you are. To a human standing on a hillside overlooking Nagasaki… the blast created by the atom bomb was immense. Compared to our Sun and the planets surrounding it, the Milky Way Galaxy is immense, and the atomic bomb that destroyed the city of Nagasaki is insignificant.


   Think about the Milky Way… its stars light up our night sky. Most scientists believe the Milky Way contains hundreds of billions of stars. That would require a monstrous amount of energy to recreate.


   The explosion the Milky Way would cause, if the whole thing blew up at once, is difficult to comprehend: Billions of stars exploding in a microsecond… billions of novae and supernovae. It is a struggle to understand it, much less form an accurate image of it in your mind… but try.


​   Our current technical abilities suggest that there are more than one trillion galaxies in the universe, but that could be a gross underestimation of the actual number.


​   We will have to wait for our technology to improve before we can get a more reliable figure… but at this point… we can only imagine it. The amount of energy required to recreate our universe is so enormous it defies comprehension.


   Let us get to the point… the creation of matter.


   Our scientific community accepts that, “Prior to the bang, all the energy required to create all the matter in our universe, and I think you will agree there is an enormous amount of it, was compressed into that one-dimensional phenomenon or singularity.” Some scientists say that singularity was smaller than a single atom of actual matter.


   How is that possible? The energy required to create one trillion galaxies squeezed into a space the size of an atom… and then… the sheer power required to hold it confined in there.


   I was struggling with the physical scale of the Universe; the giant planets, the enormous distances separating stars, and the monstrous amount of Energy necessary to create it all. How it was all squeezed into a minute singularity bothered me terribly.


   While I was contemplating the nature of the “Creation Singularity”, a different aspect of the problem appeared, uninvited, in my mind. I was dumbfounded by it. Out of nowhere, a simple image appeared. I saw my own hand. I was rubbing my thumb and forefinger together. I thought of the Nagasaki blast and the plutonium sphere that created it.


   I realized that prior to the “Bang,” when all the stars and planets in this universe, this “Reality,” were reduced to possibilities and confined in a singularity possibly much smaller than a single atom… either you or I, at our current human size, could have rolled that speck of monumental Energy between our fingers… and never felt a thing.

   I realized that my body was made from that same mysterious stuff and I trembled. For me, I was observing a perfect example of the insignificance of Matter and the genius of this creation. Our physical universe the stars in our night sky, the planet on which we live, were formed out of material that our scientists claim, “Has no mass.”


   According to our current mathematical laws, something that has a mass of zero cannot be formed into a ball of something that has a positive mass. Zero plus zero is zero. Zero minus zero is zero. Zero times Zero is zero. A Trillion or so galaxies, a stupendous mass, was created out of some “Stuff” we could rub between our thumb and forefinger and never feel.


   Quantum Mechanics offers a different mathematical explanation for the Creation event, but it does not change the image of me rubbing my thumb and forefinger together and feeling nothing… the image is undeniable.


   I had been shown a basic truth. “This physical reality, this universe, you and I, and all living things caught up in it, may only appear to possess solid form.” “Matter,” the stuff used to build this enormous “Reality”, seems to be created from little bits of nothing. Yet those little bits of nothing, Energy, have created everything in this “Reality.” I desperately wanted a scientific solution that explained that aspect of Creation. I asked myself over and over again, “What is the nature of Matter?”


   Members of the scientific community view energy as an infinite phenomenon. That brings up an obvious question, “How many infinite phenomena are there?” Logic tells me there can only be one and all other things exist within that one infinite phenomenon. That would mean different objects or phenomena that also appear to be infinite are actually different manifestations of energy from the original infinite object.


   So, was Energy itself that basic infinite phenomena or was there another, more powerful, phenomenon that held Energy and all the possibilities it could form?


   That thought did not fit well with my understanding of the “Singularity Hypothesis.” I was struggling with the concept of everything in this “Reality” emanating from a single “Speck,” that was smaller than an individual atom. I spent many years contemplating that conundrum in my daily meditations. Then, one day just after I had blanked my mind. A simple question entered my mind.


   Q. What else could have caused the “Creation Event?”


   There was an immediate answer.


   A. “The First Dimension is the Source of Creation.”


   A stream of related facts and assumptions forced me to start writing. I filled six pages with notes in less than ten minutes. It was an astounding revelation.


   When the information stopped flowing, I sat and reflected on the information I had just received. I needed to approach it all logically. I began organizing the information.


   If this entire Creation, this “Reality,” was constructed from Infinite Possibilities, Knowledge, and Energy, all held within the First Dimension would that fact offer a more complete explanation of this Reality and its working parts than the “Singularity Hypothesis?”


   I re-read my six pages of notes. It was there… a formless, but immense, amount of Energy was ejected from a one-dimensional phenomenon, but it was not a singularity. It came from the First Dimension.


   That thought released me from the concept of a “Singularity” where one small point created “All of this.” What it allowed for was an entire Infinite Dimension consisting of all possibilities, knowledge, and energy.  


   The First Dimension is Infinite in size and holds an infinite number of possibilities, the Information necessary to create them, and the Energy necessary to construct and power them. It also supplies the needs of all the other Dimensions and various “Reality's” contained within them. Some of its contents might be without shape, or mass, while some may be one-dimensional strings or points of energy. I will leave that point open to scientific debate.


   Another idea formed in my mind. Awareness and thought had to be included in this model. Once I included awareness and thought, it all began making sense. The nature of “Reality,” with all the beauty of a Lotus, unfolded in my mind.


  • Energy has no definable shape.


  • Possibilities have no definable shape.


  • Knowledge has no definable shape.


  • Awareness and Thought have no definable shape.


    (Normally, Energy has no definable shape, but in a one-dimensional container could be found to take shape as strings or points of energy. Today’s Physicists may be able to test this.)


   I have a solid mental image of the First Dimension nested together with all the other dimensions, something like Russian Matryoshka dolls. This configuration places all of the Dimensions in the same Space and would help explain the “Spooky” behavior of quantum particles as well as the continuous resupply of Energy and Matter for this “Reality.”


   If the dimensions are that close to one another, how is it that we do not detect them? I thought of Tesla and Einstein. Both men believed, “Its all vibration and frequency.” It would be logical to assume the different Dimensions, and everything within them, occupy the same space but vibrate at different frequencies and are therefore not observable from other dimensions.


   The Big Bang released a massive amount of Energy from the First Dimension. How did that Energy form the Fourth Dimension and the Matter it would contain? I see atoms formed within the Fourth Dimension having a specific subatomic particle that “Locks” them within the dimension. I get the impression that the Higgs Boson is the particle that locks Energy and Matter into the Fourth Dimension.


   It takes an enormous amount of Energy to create Matter. When Matter is created from Energy Bosons tell each Proton what type of atom it will form and where it belongs. Bosons give the Proton Physical and Dimensional Awareness. They bring the “Blueprint” for a particular atom. All of the different Bosons are brought together to form Forth-Dimensional Protons and the atoms they create.


   I began to see this new model clearly in my mind. It appeared logical.


   I know this is a great leap, but once you make it you find logical solutions to many of the problems understanding quantum mechanics as well as the other mysteries of physics that surround our creation. I suspect mathematics and observation will confirm this.


   (For the record, my beliefs fall in line with Einstein and Minkowski and accept space-time as four-dimensional space. Space-time allows animation for three-Dimensional objects like the stars, planets, and galaxies, while Life, with its own Energy supply and awareness initiates its own movement through space-time while being affected by its basic rules.)


   Accepting the following assumptions offers a logical explanation of how massive amounts of energy could be provided on such a large scale. It also offers a logical explanation of the strange behavior of quantum particles. I believe the key to developing the “Theory of Everything” is held within these assumptions.



  • Each Dimension is a different manifestation of the First Dimension. Think of the relationship as similar to that of Energy and Matter.


  • All Dimensions exist within the same space (something like Russian Matryoshka dolls).


  • The First Dimension is infinite. It is filled with shapeless, or one-dimensional, phenomena and is devoid of mass.


  • The First Dimension contains Infinite Possibilities, the Knowledge to create them, and the Energy to make it so (same as our theoretical creation singularity).


  • The First Dimension creates and maintains all “Verses” in the “Multiverse.”


  • The First Dimension creates and maintains all other dimensions. The other dimensions are different manifestations of the First Dimension and as such, infinite themselves. (Think of the relationship between Energy and Matter)


  • The First dimension is Aware.


  • All things existing now in the Fourth Dimension, our dimension, existed as some of the Infinite Possibilities in the First Dimension prior to the “Creation Event.”


  • What scientists view as the creation singularity, a one-dimensional phenomenon, was a doorway from the First Dimension to the Fourth Dimension. It was not destroyed in the Big Bang.


  • The Creation event moved the possibilities, knowledge, and energy, necessary to create the “Heavenly Bodies” of this “Reality” from the First Dimension into the Fourth Dimension.


  • Energy is infinite but is not definable while in the First Dimension. Energy has no mass while it is in the First Dimension. Energy assumes form and/or mass when it becomes Matter in other dimensions.


  • Energy takes on an “Identity,” photon, string, boson & other quantum particles, when it enters our, and other, dimensions where most of its variations acquire mass.


  • Energy released when matter is “Destroyed,” or energy without a purpose, returns to the First Dimension. Energy flows out from the First Dimension when it is needed and returns to the First Dimension when it is no longer needed. I see Black Holes taking a part in this ebb and flow of energy.


  • All energy needs in the other dimensions, are still being filled from the First Dimension. All things are formed and powered by energy from the First Dimension.


  • The Creation Event, in this reality, consisted of two waves. The first wave was the formation of the “Physical Universe.” The second wave began with the creation of “Life”, which allowed for Third-Party observations of all possibilities moved to the Fourth Dimension.


  • The second wave came slowly and is still occurring. It is an on-going process responsible for all scientific, technological, social, and artistic, advancements. It affects all of us today.

  • All “Creative insights” are part of the progression of Possibilities emanating from the First Dimension to this Reality and the other dimensions.

   When you accept these assumptions, it is easy to understand Energy from the First Dimension adhering to the various Physical laws of the Fourth Dimension, acquiring shape, function, and mass, as it moves to one dimension or another.


   When Energy forms Matter in the Fourth Dimension, it creates a location particle, probably a Higgs Boson, that identifies the Matter being formed as “Belonging” to the Fourth Dimension. Because everything in the Fourth Dimension is made from vibrating strings or bundles of Energy, logic says, that particle will vibrate at a specific, identifiable, frequency, an “Identifier.”


   This new model also accounts for our conscious awareness being the vessel for a large part of the second, on-going, wave of creation. Our bodies possess the energy necessary to construct the new inventions, or works of art, that our awareness “Sees” as possibilities. The possibilities emanate from the First Dimension, and we can create them if we possess the minimum amount of knowledge required to do so.


   The creation event is an on-going process. We, living beings, all exist in a creative microsecond that is caught between our recorded past and our possible future. We call that microsecond the “Present.” The Present and the First Dimension are directly connected to each other.


   I have been puzzled by the source of many of the ideas that have been entering my mind since I was a young man. Some of them I simply added too, or twisted, an existing bit of another’s work. Some of them, however, never existed anywhere before the possibility of them entered my mind. It is those insights that I am writing about here.


   When you receive an idea for something that did not exist before, you are directly connected to the creative essence of “Reality,” the First Dimension. Why do a few people create so much more than others while some never create anything new at all? To me, it is a result of the strength of their connection to the First Dimension… the infinite well of all possibilities.


   Conscious awareness is what brings the possibilities for new inventions and all new forms of creative development into this Dimension. Given that we possess enough knowledge, we can bring those possibilities into this “Reality” as something we can observe with our senses. That defines the importance of our role in the development of this “Reality.” It means that we are not a “Bunch of Weeds,” but a necessary ingredient in the ongoing creation of this “Reality.”


   How will my new model explain, simultaneous invention and memories of past lives?


   There are many documented cases of memories from one life being passed on to another. My favorite is the case of James Leininger. While very young, James was terrorized by vivid dreams of drowning in the cockpit of a downed carrier-based aircraft in the ocean near Okinawa. He knew the name of the aircraft carrier he served on and the names of his shipmates. He knew his name then was James Huston, and many other details of his life as a WWII pilot. Much of it was confirmed when James Leininger was a boy.


   James Huston died in 1945 while James Leininger was born in 1998. They were not related. Where were those memories held for fifty-three years? I suspect memories are formless. My model tells me formless Knowledge is held in the First Dimension.


   I would also like to mention Simultaneous Invention. Simultaneous invention is when two or more people have the same insight into a possible invention. Take the radio as an example. Both Marconi and Tesla developed working radios in the 1890’s. Both Marconi and Tesla were trained engineers and were versed in the theoretical physics of the time. Did one inventor steal from the other, or did they come by their tremendous insights separately… and honestly?


   Acquiring them honestly would require each to have a similar insight for the same invention at the same time. Did this happen solely because of the biochemical process of their brains, did they read each other’s mind, or did they receive them from an outside source?


   What outside source could provide the necessary information? I suspect the same source of the “Creation event” itself…  the infinite possibilities held within the First Dimension. If the initial idea to build a working radio came from the First Dimension, how could that happen? Logic, again, points toward our Awareness connecting with Knowledge held there.


   Let me plant another image in your mind. Imagine you are sitting in a comfortable chair watching the nightly news. Through your open window the sound of a song you have never heard before is faintly playing. You want to hear it, but the sound of the television is much louder, making it to impossible to understand the lyrics. You mute the sound on your tv. Now you can understand the words of the song.


   I believe our awareness is in constant contact with the First Dimension. Our internal dialog, that voice that is constantly speaking inside of our minds, drowns out insights and messages from the First Dimension. When we learn to control that “Little voice,” insights from the First Dimension get through. Should we wish to increase our creative output, all we need do is quiet our minds for longer periods of time and increase the frequency of our “Silent” periods during the day.


   I cannot speak for everyone, but I have been doing this for more than fifty years. I know it works for me and I will happily share exactly what I do.


   This is not a way to manifest a large pile of gold on your living room floor or a luxury car in your driveway. You can stare at your floor for the rest of your life… and all that will accumulate on it is dust.


   The ideas and insights that you do receive do not always appear in a spoken language. If they are technological in origin, you will not understand them unless you have enough information in your mind to do so. That is the reason scientists do so well with technological insights in their specific areas… they have prepared themselves, with specialized educations, to understand possibilities that arrive in those “Ah, ha” moments.


   It works the same for any form of art. If you were to receive an image for a masterpiece painting and you had never learned to paint, it would be extremely difficult for you to paint a decent painting… much less a masterpiece. Take for instance Jules Verne... he saw a projectile carrying people to the moon in "From Earth to the Moon" and what appears to be a nuclear submarine in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." At the time he was writing, society lacked the technology to manufacture either device, so Verne, a very creative fellow, wrote them into science fiction stories which were quite popular.


   For me, I spent a lifetime learning to silence my internal dialog when I needed to. I did have some immediate results, but for the most part it was slow but steady progress. As my ability to silence my mind grew stronger, so did my precognition.


   The insights about the First Dimension came in a stream, in English, in the month of December 2020. The image of my thumb and forefinger came to me several years before that. I have been thinking about how all the Matter in the universe could fit inside of a minute singularity for at least fifteen years. In between those events I was learning all I could about the creation event and physics. As with most things in life, change begets change and those changes come slowly.


   My advice… be patient, when you work for it, new ideas will come. It is up to you to be ready for them.


   I tried to write this chapter to serve as a candle in the darkness… illuminating the path to Understanding for Scientists and Spiritualists alike.


   Think of the implications if both groups began to act like fellow travelers, comrades, on the road of life. Think of the miracles we could create together combining spiritual insight with scientific development. After all, each of us is an Observer of Reality.