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Thanks for Visiting Us

I appreciate your interest in The Observers, LLC...


   First of all, thanks for stopping by.

  I have spent most of my adult life contemplating areas where modern science and spirituality overlap. I believe the Truth about Reality and the Nature of Life live within that place where both fields of study merge.

  The things I write about here came to me in meditative visions or as insights that immediately followed meditation. I embellished some of them with my own logic. I left others as I found them. It did not happen all at once. It happened over the course of my lifetime… about 50 years so far.


   I have been meditating steadily for all of those years. In that time, I developed my own techniques... simple but effective. The results of all that meditation are the Spiritual Insights that I write about.


   I believe in Reincarnation. I also believe we, each of us, has a link to the infinite... to the First Dimension... to God. There is nothing religious about it... it is a mechanical phenomenon and as such, it can be learned. What can be learned can be taught.


   It is my desire to help individuals understand how Life, Death, Reincarnation, and Immortality work to form our Reality. I plan to use that understanding, that knowledge, combine it with Insights I have seen in past meditations, and begin to form a New Society.  This New Society will be environmentally friendly, combine science with spirituality, create a new financial system, work within the framework of the United States Constitution,  and prepare us to explore our own solar system, and eventually other stars.


   It's an ambitious plan and it requires financial support to make it happen. I am developing The Observers, LLC , to produce media products that will allow self-funding of this project. In the meantime, I am using my own resources. 

I can tell you, a wooden bowel will not get the job done.


   “If a single grain of sand is dropped on the side of a mountain at exactly the right place and time, a massive avalanche will occur.”  If one person can cause that, think about what one hundred, or one million of us can do when we are working together...


Patrick M McCormick