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Pat’s Laws:

Pat's First Law

"Motion is Time, and Time is Motion"

This Reality, and the Universe it contains, were formed by the release of Possibilities, Knowledge, and Energy, existing in the First Dimension. Their release allowed for the formation of Matter and Electromagnetic Waves in our Fourth Dimension.

Matter cannot exist without Motion (Movement) because, in part, one of the basic building blocks of Matter, Electrons, are constantly in motion. Electromagnetism requires Motion also. The Waves, Photons, or Particles that form it are always in motion.

Motion is measured by the passing of Time. Time then is the measure, or record, of the Motion of Matter and Electromagnetic Radiation that moves along the Space-time Continuum.

  • Without Time/Motion, this Fourth Dimension of ours would not exist.

  • Without Time/Motion, Life would not exist.

  • Without Time/Motion, the Past, Present, and Future, would not exist.

  • Without Time/Motion, The Multiverse would not exist.


Time/Motion only exists, as far as scientists know, in the Fourth Dimension.

Patrick M McCormick

Pat’s Second Law:


What if it wasn’t time that moved, but it was the Space-time Continuum that was moving, and time was just a record of the movement of things caught up in it? Think of a river… the water is Space and the leaves and flowers that float on its surface are the planets, galaxies, and living things in our universe.


Time is actually a measurement of their movement. A simple illustration would be to examine one of the leaves. The leaf appears when it falls into the river (Birth/Creation) and disappears when it sinks below the water’s surface (Death/Destruction). The measurement between the two events would tell us where, when, and how long the leaf existed on the continuum.

Thinking this way, a reassessment of the nature of Dark Matter should be considered. Dark Matter may in fact be the same phenomenon as Space-time. Why do I say this? Because something is supporting the continued outward speed, and some say... causing the acceleration, of the galaxies. Scientists have considered Dark Matter but have only measured its effects on celestial bodies. Could they have been measuring the effects of the Space-time Continuum all along?

A moving Space-time supports my “First Dimension – Source of Creation Hypothesis” as it would answer the question, “Where is all of this Space-time and Energy coming from?” The First Dimension would serve as their continuing source.

Patrick M McCormick

What are the four Fundamental Forces and why are some changes overdue?


The strong force, the weak force, the gravitational force, and the electromagnetic force are known as fundamental forces.

Space-time should replace Gravity as one of the Fundamental Forces or be added to the list as a Fifth Force.


Why do I say this?

When Einstein had the “Revelation” that showed him how “Matter causes Space-time to curve and Space-time causes Matter to move,” Einstein identified the force that allows Energy to become Matter and Matter to become life, Space-time.

Nothing in this “Reality,” this Universe, would exist without it. Space-time is the most important of the Fundamental Forces.

Patrick M McCormick

Pat’s Third Law:


“Matter must move in order for it to exist. Energy can only become Matter in the presence of Space-time. This occurs because Space-time allows Matter to move, think of electrons circling the nucleus of an atom. Without the movement of Electrons, matter would not exist. Matter in Motion creates the Present moment as it moves from our concrete past toward an uncertain future.”

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