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be Patient

Patrick McCormick

founder of

Site Not Complete

be Patient

Read the Christmas Prophesy

It's a Modern Revelation


My challenge to

The Scientific Community

of  this Earth to prove

the First Dimension is not

the source of Creation

then read

the first chapter of

my new book

"Beyond this Veil of Illusions"

The complete eBook

will be sold here on August 1, 2022


   The story of the creation of all life within this Reality is our story.


   The reality we observe is the collective reality of all living creatures as they interact with the mysteries of the physical universe and each other.


   Interpersonal relationships, education, scientific advancement, natural disasters, war, and all possibilities combined, allow us as a group, to modify Reality as we live our lives.


Creation happened in two waves !

Creation never stopped !


the source of our Creativity


How we use our Creative Abilities

to alter Reality every day !


the purpose of

the Higgs Boson


the Creation Event

Reality & Life

in a different light

Never be afraid


anything again!

It is Not Too Late !

We Can Save Our Environment !

We Can Change the World !


We Can Prepare Our Children

to Explore the Universe !

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   I should be posting The Second Key on July 1, 2022 and am adding a new Blog for announcements. You will have to become a member of this website to access these things.


   I am offering One-Year Membership Subscriptions for $25.00 until such time as a major university accepts the First Dimension Hypothesis as valid.

   I have totally restructured this website in July of 2021.  I am aware of some of the rough spots and am working to make it all run smoother. When you become a member, I will listen to your suggestions to improve it.

Patrick M McCormick



(©) 2021 Patrick M McCormick

All Rights Reserved


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