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Patrick McCormick

is forming


Prepare for a Grand New Age

Let me tell you about it...


I Believe that...

Energy for the Creation Event came from the First Dimension

Creation happened in two waves and has never stopped!

The second wave is the creation of this Reality!

Learn how to...

Find the true source of your Creativity!

Enhance and use that Ability!

Alter Reality every day!

Would you like to know a little more?

If yes, please listen to my

1st Dimension - Source of Creation - Hypothesis

(also referred to as "The Christmas Prophecy"

because It entered my mind in December 2020)


The Revelation also showed me a better path

Why not walk it with me for a while?

Become an Observer,

a Spiritual Warrior!

With your help...

We can save our Environment,

Change the World,


Prepare Our Children

to Explore the Universe!

There's a Blog inside, let's discuss it...

1st Dimension - Source of Creation - Hypothesis
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Patrick M McCormick



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